Open Device Actual Camera?

Is there a way to click a button on the app that opens the actual camera app on a device? Not like the upload feature where you can tap into the camera, but like actually leave your app and open up the native camera app.

Not sure iOS security policies would allow this to actually happen, Bubble built or not. Pretty sure I read that iOS apps are sandboxed and not allowed to interfere/physically open other apps on iOS.

For android, not sure!

I have QR plugin that does that from zerocode. Otherwise you bdk android and ios wrapping will allow you to control native phone features. There are cheaper solutions also available ready made template to configure and you will have an native application for ios and android.

Does it exit the app and open the camera app (not the camera within the bubble app, but the actual Apple Camera app)? That is what the poster is looking for I think, not just opening the camera within the app.

Yes it does. you can try their demo as well.

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Oh great! @deliriousmiles take a look at @solinz suggestion

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