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Hi guys I recently setup google Streetview to display the current address of a listed property on my website, I managed to setup this perfectly, however, i need google Streetview to show inside a popup, not to redirect to google, is this possible?

when the user clicks on button Streetview, this should be shown inside the popup. see screenshot.

thank you.

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You could use an iframe in the popup with a link to your address

@ebukacchukwu thanks for the response, please advice on how i can put an iframe inside a popup?


One second let me make a loom video

thank you.

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hi @ralphlasry @ebukacchukwu. i have followed the instructions but this doesnt show any results, am i missing something maybe?

Might be missing the last { " }

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After the work longitude there needs to be a " to close the link.

 "https://.... longitude" allowfullscreen>

@ralphlasry its still not working, can i give you access to my app so you can help me?

Open the the HTML editor and post a screenshot of here. I suspect there’s a space between view? And key=


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For future reference, the issue here was an extra space within the src url. Glad its working now.

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