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Open file at custom page

Is it possible to have a custom page for to open a file, as you click to see the the file (link element (open in a new tab))?

E.g. as Linkedin has (if you would try to open a pdf from a chat).

Now links (files and photos) are open via

Hey @conesult :wave:

Sure! You could do that. I would probably create a /file page and pass the file as a URL parameter. Or better yet, when files are uploaded, you could store them in a ‘uploaded files’ data type, set the /files page to that type and then pass the uploaded files record whenever someone navigates to the page.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions: [email protected]

That being said, it could be to have a popup created to display the file, or needs to be a page, due to url? Is there an example to see how it looks like or how is built?


Thanks for the reply @conesult!

Honestly, you could go either way! It’s completely a preference thing. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any public examples that demo these two methods. But, We have quite a few users that do this with a popup as well and you could still handle this with a url even with the popup. You might use a URL parameter of some kind with a workflow to trigger the popup to show on pageload (and display the file) IF the parameter is not empty.

I think the decision will come down to if you’d prefer to handle it on the same page with a popup or, if you’d prefer to build a separate page and you could then open it in another tab for the user or something which has some productivity benefits.

I’d recommend building rough examples of both so you can see how it’d look and make a decision on what fits best with your existing app. Good learning experience too.

And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything → [email protected]

Thanks @AndrewV!

I think in my very case i will go with the rg_group, that will add to a popup (with the group name and “close-icon”) - that later can be used on the page level if needed.

Question comes as having only one icon to be click, to see the image, and to open a place, in this case popup with rg - where photo can be deleted, edited(update new) and downloaded - i.e. having only one icon, compared to having three icons at the beginning of UX with it.

Happy to help @conesult!

This is common! What some people will do is build a little dropdown menu off of the one icon in the rg with the dropdown menu being where the other options (view / delete / edit) are displayed. I might recommend going that route if you want multiple action items but only one icon.

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This is great!

Will merge those two options! To open a focus group > Upload photo, view photo, delete photo (last two within a group, collapse) This will serve as a note for me as well :slight_smile:

Great Andrew! Thanks a lot! More than enough :smiley:

Perfect! Glad to hear that’ll help @conesult

Best of luck with the rest of the build. We’re here to help if anything else comes up. [email protected]

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