Open link in a new background tab (where user remains on current tab)

Hi everyone — I’m trying to set up a workflow where when a button is clicked, it’ll open a webpage in a background tab.

The goal is to get the same functionality as “Right click → Open Link In New Tab” (where the user stays on the current tab and the new tab opens in the background) but accomplishing this with a single left click.

I’ve asked GPT for some javascript to solve this, but no luck there. Anyways, lmk if any thoughts - thanks a lot!

Lmk if any thoughts :slight_smile: I’m basically trying to re-create the “command+click” functionality when you click on a link

You just cant do this, the browser block this kind of JS nav actions to prevent malicious scripts

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Ah got it! That’s what I’d been seeing as well from research and was curious if the Bubble community had figured out work arounds, since this seems like a really helpful feature for most apps. Noted!

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