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Passing Address through URL as parameter

I’m trying to pass address from one page to another page through URL. I’m using “Send more parameters to the page” option and named my key “address”. I’m getting this address in the destination page using “Get data from URL” using the parameter name “address”. The dynamic data thing now looks like “Get address from page URL’s formatted address”. The data type of address is “Geographical address”. As a test, I’m trying to print the address in the destination page, but it’s not printing anything. But I see address is getting transferred through URL. Help!!!

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate is how Bubble handles URL parameters. You can even pass a geographic address to it.

I’m wondering if this would simplify your set up.

Hey Rico, thanks for your response.
But Geographical address is the type I’m currently using.

Here, I got it to work. See if this helps.

You should be able to view the editor.

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Thank you so much man. Almost got it working!
The only thing left is, I’m getting the address if I set it as type text, if I set it as type Geographical address, I’m getting null. Any thoughts?

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