Dear Bubble: Allow me to pay for extra collaborators instead of having to switch to expensive plans 🙏

Now that we’re shaking things up with plans and pricing, could you please allow me to pay for more collaborations individually?

My app is on the $29/mo plan, not yet launched. I need to collaborate with 3 other bubblers that will help me out with a few features. However, to do that, I have to switch to the freaking $399/mo Team plan! Common baby? Don’t do me like that!

Can we please switch it up like this?
Example: Current plan: $29 / mo

  • 3 collaborators @ $8/mo each

:pray: Praying to the Bubble gods for this.


Same goes for extra branches. But bubble won’t hear us since this is absolutely not in their interest…


@alejandrowunderlich… for what it’s worth, you could upvote this idea on the ideaboard.


But if you are going to add 3 devs it sounds like a team job :smiley:

Small 2-3-week jobs.

Branches and Collaborators are two things that are very odd requiring a golden ticket to access.

Happy to upvote, but clicking on this takes me to the index page…

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That’s odd… it takes me straight to the idea. Anyway, search the ideaboard for
Ability to add a la carte collaborators, and you should find it.


Agreed. Adding collaborators and branches a la carte could have been monetized for many years at this point. Seems like low hanging, high margin fruit. :man_shrugging:t3:


I love the idea of micro transactions for this kinda thing. Tried selling this idea to Thunkable and they didn’t bite either.

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It could be good business. The step up from one plan to another is very steep. These add-ons, like collaborators and branches, could be the intermediate step between plans.

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I wouldn’t rely on Bubble making any of the changes on Ideas Board, especially as they prefer to spend considerable time on ensuring vendor lock in maximised!

They’ve had many years to be able to realise that being able to customise your licenses for your needs could have generated more revenue but alas, business acumen would be required. I’ve always wanted to pay for longer logs and back ups and also at one stage to add another Dev onto an app during build but not required once live.

100mil and needing gouge pricing, spending more time on WUs that basic features requested by users years ago like data compliance ect. Deaf ears would suggest they could once hear. Maybe they did. Doesn’t feel like it at all.

How amazing would it be to pay for an extra branch when you need it?

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I also deeply want this option