Please allow for collaborators without upgrading excessively

Hi @emmanuel

Please can you enable at least 1 collaborator on the First paid tier - I just had to upgrade from $10 a month to $69 just because I only wanted one collaborator, which is very frustrating as a long time user. We dont have the traffic to justify the extra price - please change this.




Not going to lie. The prices are quite expensive for what they are. And my team doesn’t like it either. We log into the same account and we’re confused with everything to as it doesn’t show the extra cursors. We think prices should be lowered as well. I could easily make a site for free with collabs at any point (except it is coded rather than dragged).

Come on guys, bubble is quite inexpensive compared to what it offers. I think it’s pricing is very competitive and we should appreciate the power of the tool. I don’t know of anything else that lets you build a fully functional app at a price of less than your average monthly mobile bill.


Yes but there is ways to collab for free. Literally. I just made a whole post on it too how ridiculous some stuff is.

I still read it before you deleted it. Yes, free means no bubble which means no websites. But collabs should be free or they need to fix the re-routes around it. Because eitherway people use the re-routes

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Personally, I think at least 1 collaborator (preferably 2, but 1 should be fine) should be allowed on the Personal plan


I agree that the price of collaborators is excessive. If it was cheaper, we could onboard more people, who would then spread the word, thus making Bubble more popular.