"Open Sourcing" Ziggeo plugin

Hi, I’ve been considering building a Ziggeo player plugin from scratch, but I’m wondering what would happen if you were to open source the existing Ziggeo plugin code base to the commmunity… I think it could serve as a great educational resource for future plugin builders. It would also allow me and others the ability to copy-paste the plugin and customize a new one for our needs.

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It was built before the plugin system was formalized as an API, so the source code uses different standards unfortunately.

Oh okay. Do you think it’s realistic for me to rebuild the plugin using the new system? Are there standards we can’t meet in the new system to make this a reality?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

For what it’s worth … I did this with an HTML element using Misha’s Toolbox plugin (I love that , just saying)

Did you ever rebuild the Ziggeo plugin @philip? I also want to do this and would be very interested in what you got so far.