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Request: Ziggeo plugin update

So I was just chatting with the Ziggeo team. They released some cool updates in a v2 of their system.

Most interesting (for me) was the fact that now videos autoplay with no audio until the video is clicked (this is how it happens on FB. Multiple videos playing at once isn’t cute lol).

Ziggeo mentioned that the current Bubble plugin uses v1 of their system. If Bubble updated the plugin to v2 (or have it next to v1) and in the same time give you these options in the settings these features would be available. And specifically it would be the feature to autoplay the video with no audio until clicked

How hard would it be to set this up?


We don’t have really bandwidth to do this currently, but it sounds like building an element plugin would be quite easy.

@twr2105 Did they mention anything about functionality on mobile devices in this v2?

yes, actually! Check out that link in my original post

Just did, thanks! I’m gonna ask a developer buddy of mine if he can help me create a new plugin for it. Will update you if/when it happens.

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yay! yes- please keep me posted :grin: