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Workflow error - Operation timed out -- app too busy

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@sam.morgan @Emmanuel Can you guys share if there is a way to detect this timeout on a workflow? I understand the idea that we can limit the amount of data that we are working with but we don’t always know ahead of time exactly how much data is going to cause the timeout as it could be a result of a number of factors…

If this is not possible currently, is it possible to add this to some sort of general action result or add it to some event where we could re-trigger a workflow similar to the “An unhandeled error occurred” but for this specific workflow such that we could add an action only when that says: “An unhandled error occurred in this specific workflow” → run this action

Thanks in advance for your insight and time.

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It’s by far my biggest complaint, the fact that you can tell the computer to do something if their system deems it not important it terminates in the middle of it.

My problem is that even if you had something to re-trigger the workflow, what about the first half of the workflow that will now run a 2nd time, or something else unpredictable because it’s having to be re-run again.

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