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Optimal page height and weight?

Having now main page in app with height of 15000 px, 10 reusable groups.

What would be optimal page height (and/or weight)?

By weight I mean due to app performance, is there any examples to make it visible for us who are perhaps reaching those borders of application performance (per page)?

P.s. Let’s say we are using a neutral way of building the app, average+ builder (skills).

I think there’s more to it than just the size of the page, the data structure and how efficient the workflows and expression have been written is another important consideration


I have a one page app with pretty much the entire complex CRM-like application existing on single page. Works just fine. It’s all about what workflows are running and data is loading, and optimizing that.

Same with page height. Mine is 4020px and the actual height varies per page based on what’s hidden or visible. Has pretty much no effect on performance.

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Do you have groups on top of each other, or rather aligning them one on top of each other, vertically? Or mixture of both, if yes, how you group them?

Thanks both to answers! Happy to see such positive answers! It’s possible, and this will be great to the performance of my app :slight_smile:

Many many groups on top of eachother(one for each “page”). When layering groups it’s best to make sure they are all the same height and width, otherwise some strange behavior can happen. Within each “page” I layer and stack groups depending on my needs.

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@aj11 Great! Thanks for the quick reply that feels as you have experience from the first hand!

Do you think having each group same size of the same page overlapping each other, and those groups who don’t have enough content to fulfil the same size, one can add additional group inside, hide it, and make it collapsed as hidden, so that “strange behavior” is reduced?

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Yes, exactly. I call them “Resize Groups”. They pull up the height of each “page” when it is visible, which avoids any extra space below content.

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