Optimize Application Bug?


I have the habit from time to time of using the “optimize application” function to clean up my app which is in development. But today I click on “optimize application” and instead of having 2 or 3 elements to remove as usually I get an infinite list concerning all the pages and all the layout properties of each element (see screenshots)… I don’t dare to validate that since I think it’s a bug, right?

Thanks for your feedback :wink:

Here is the answer I received from Bubble support:

Basically, these element properties refer to:

Currently unused properties.
For example, if I have an element with a background style “Gradient” then it makes sense that this element also has a “Gradient style”. If I then change the background style back to “Flat color”, the “Gradient style” property will still exist so if I toggle the style back to “Gradient” then that property will be restored. However, while the background style is “Flat color”, the “Gradient Style” property is actually useless. So we are now offering to optimize the app by removing this property.

Properties that are set to the default value.
For example, the default background style of an element is “Flat color” so rather than having that specifically assigned to the element, we can remove that and rely on the fact that we will be using the default property.

This has existed for a long time but there was an error in our logic that kept this from running. We fixed that earlier this week so this cleanup now actually runs.

Thank you, thanks to these info I dared to do optimize and it went well !

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