Optimize application danger

I recently ran Bubble’s “optimize application” feature, and to my surprise, several of my plugins were removed, rendering my app unusable. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Initially, I was reluctant to use the feature, fearing it might break my app. However, I assumed that there would be safeguards in place to prevent issues arising from a simple optimization process initiated by clicking a button. I am curious to know if others have faced similar issues.

Warning. Don’t click that button!

I’d say revert your app!

I was able to fix it by identifying the plugins that had been removed and simply installing them again, but it was unexpected and caused several hours of downtime. Does reverting back reinstall removed plugins?

not sure, but that would be what i would’ve tried

i didnt know that optimize removed plugins, i thought it asked you in a popup which plugins or styles or unused data types you want to remove before removing them

You are correct that it does, and unfortunately I didn’t pay close enough attention I guess. But it’s worth noting that what bubble identified as safe to remove was very inaccurate. Just a warning to everyone to pay close attention when using that feature.

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