"Optimize Application" - something's up

One or twice a month I will just check if the Optimize Application feature can find sth. It never found anything. This is standard screen I saw for the past 6 months which was great


This is a run from today


I’m not gonna touch "Clean app: for now.

Can you guys check if everything is ok on your side?

Thanks :slight_smile:

For me, it never works the 1st time I click that button. I always have to click it a second time for it to actually do anything. I’ve never bothered to report it though. :neutral_face:

hm maybe that’s it

Ever had issue with it? On my list there is at least couple hundred items pretty scary stuff to do clean it up

No, but I suspect that each time you clicked that button over the past 6 months, there WAS actually clean-up to do, but if you never clicked it a 2nd time, you’d never know.

To clarify my comment… Every time I click the clean-up button, I see the dialog stating that the app is already cleaned; but if I dismiss that dialog and immediately click the button again, I see the actual clean-up dialog - i.e. what I expected to see the first time I clicked the button.

Therefore, I suspect that all those dialogs over the past 6 months stating that your app was clean were a lie. If you never bothered to click the button again after dismissing that dialog, the app would never have been truly cleaned.

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Yes, that I understood :slight_smile:

I meant if you ever had issues after cleaning the app with this action

You know what, I think I’m gonna used it in batches - the best way to do it safely I guess

No. It seems to do a good job, and the app is fully functional afterward with no issues. That’s been my experience at least.

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Thanks @sudsy!

Wow just realized this was happening… One of my old apps has been telling me its clean for a while… Clicked it again and it FINALLY gave me a full list of things to clean. @sudsy Thanks!


@sudsy @w.fly

for me works mostly on 3rd click

Possible bug report probably @eve

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It took 3 times to have +200 deleted fields available generating 9 issues. Confirmed @eve.

I’ve never actually used this feature, is this something that can be reversed after running? Just incase…

Where do you find this optimize feature? I figured it’d be in settings but I don’t see it…


yes, made the leap yesterday and you can reverse this


Settings → General → Scroll to the bottom


Couple issues came up for me as well but it was related to delated data type that wasn’t available anymore.

Was it also your case or the fields that were delated by the cleaning action were is use?

Yes, all issues was Deleted issues. Bubble give you 8, but in reality is 4 issues. :sweat_smile:
It’s finally a very good thing.


@bartek.dev, thanks! Found it.

Ran it and note that Bubble says “Bubble apps can contain unused items that make the app bigger over time. Here are some items you can delete for better performance.”

Listed below are a bunch of things that I did not expect would hurt performance (e.g. unused styles).

I thought only used styles are loaded. For example, if I have an unused style but it doesn’t appear on any pages, how does it slow my app’s performance down?

Is Bubble referring to performance in the Bubble editor (of little concern to me)? I could possibly see how unused styles could affect the editor performance.

Or is Bubble referring to performance that would affect end users (of great concern to me)? I don’t understand how an unused style would affect this type of performance.

Hello @tjc4

Let’s say you have 1000 unused style/items. Loading time will be approx. 1 to 4 sec. longer. Rarely the case for most of us. Cleaning code is always better than not.

Thanks for the reply. But I still don’t understand why. Why would an unused style affect a page’s load time?

Let’s say I have Styles A and B. Style A is used on a page. Style B is not. Why would Style B affect this page’s load time?

The only explanation I can think of is that Bubble might have to do an operation similar to Do A Search For to find the appropriate style and if the list of styles is long then this search would take longer but I didn’t think that was how styles were loaded.

Just want to ask other people:
Did you notice your page performance (load speed, data fetch speed, workflows etc) improve after doing this?

Just echoing what others have said. Ever since I can remember, every single time I’ve used this feature, I’ve had to click the button two or three times for it to run properly. I’ve thought about reporting it many times, and always forgot.