Optimize Repetitive Queries

Hello! I have an Event page that has Registrations. That event page uses the Registrations Data on most every element of the Element of the page.

For example:

  • If Registration Count for Current User is 0, display the registration button.
  • If Registration Count for Current User where Partner is Empty > 0, display partner select
  • If Registration Count for Event > Max Capacity, show event “full”
  • etc…

So I have a page with 100+ Do a Search for that are mostly the same with slight filters or comparisons… while rebuilding the page changed UI I want to simplify the conditions. Modify the conditions and rebuilding the search conditions is extremely repetitive, cause it’s the same search results.

I tried to store the search in a Custom State on the parent element of the page to reuse, but the search is not updating. If I delete a registration, the search stored in the state is not updating. If I add a resignation, the search stored in the state is not updating. I’m viewing this through a repeating group that has a data source set to the custom state. If I create an entry, it does not show in the repeating group until I refresh the page.

I see a note in the docs that says deletions will not be removed, the creation date will be empty. I tried filtering that out, but I also see that new registrations are not being added, so I don’t think this is the problem.

What am I doing wrong? will provide any other screenshots that might be helpful.