"Do a search for" breaks after changing field in an entry

I have a search in which I am looking for all records with field “Inactive” =“no”. My app displays each entry in a repeating group, and the user has the option to set an individual entry “Inactive” to “yes” through a popup. Note that the popup and the screen showing the repeating group are in separate Reusable Elements.

When the user presses the button to set “Inactive” to “yes”, it successfully completes that workflow, but then all the other entries in the repeating group disappear. However, the entries are still in my database with “Inactive”=“no” and if I refresh the page the repeating group displays all the entries as it’s supposed to.

Can anyone tell me why my search is breaking?

It sounds like you need to refresh the RPG in order for this to work.

You may need to set a state in the reusable element that triggers a workflow to refresh the RPG in the other reusable element.

I tried adding a button to manually refresh the RG but even that didn’t work. And in the inspector the search is returning 0 results, even though there are records in the database, and when I refresh the page, it works.

What I’ve ended up doing is pulling all the records in through the search, and using a conditional to hide the inactive ones. Doesn’t seem like the way it should be but it works for now.

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