Optimizing Editor Performance

Does anyone have any tips as to how to optimize the Bubble Editor’s performance? I have read through the thread about performance optimization but it focuses more on speed of your website. For a large, data intensive single-page-application, for example, how could speed of the editor be improved on that one page?

A couple ways that my teammates have found to improve the speed were through using Firefox (higher/no memory limits for the editor) and by grouping elements into reusable elements, even if they’re only used once.

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I use Chrome and restart by browser if the editor gets slow. This works well for me.


Sorry but didn’t see your response.

Right now Firefox seems to work better for our team in the editor - I think Chrome has a 4gb RAM usage limit per tab, but I really hope that is not the issue.

Every time my computer heats up past ~65-70 degrees Celsius I close the editor and open a new one, unless a particularly data intensive operation is going on (Like bulk changes in the live application db).