Editor Performance Problems Since 8/13/21

Has anyone noticed a performance drop in the bubble editor since Friday’s update 8/13/21? We have noticed a 2-3 second slowdown with each editor action. Dragging elements, naming workflows, pasting values into the property editor are all slowed down by 2-3 seconds each. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have tried many browsers and tested the network performance and all tests out normal.

How big is your app?

If this slowness, which lasts for 2-3 seconds, is increasing, you may be pushing the application’s capacity. I had such trouble when there were too many reusable elements. However, in the application I mentioned, there were about 400 reusable elements and each of them had many input buttons, etc.

I’m seeing this too in a small app of mine. I’d suggest submitting a bug report.

Only a few pages. but the pages do include a fair amount of reusable elements. that number didn’t increase since the Friday build though. I’d estimate less than 40 reusable elements

Of course, the most efficient way is bug report as @lantzgould suggested. It was a long time before I proved it in my own story, I hope it goes faster for you.

Good luck!

Can you Disable the issue tracker as an “in the meantime” fix?

Add this to your editor URL and hit enter


As far as I know, issue checker has been completely moved to the server side. It may not contribute much to performance.

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By the way, have you checked your capacity from the logs? Maybe you can get a clue for these delays.

Bubble is looking into it. Without changing anything (except adding even more content) it seems to have improved over the last day. It is still slower than “normal” but its been usable. Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

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