Optimizing list of locations (addresses) for restaurants

Hi everyone! I am trying to create a directory for some restaurants. I understand the 10k cap of listing things in a data field but also understand that listing more than 100 things can cause performance issues. Assuming I have a datatype of restaurants with a number of fields, one of which being location(s), what is the most efficient way to structure the database knowing that the number of locations for any given restaurant may be between 1-X0,000 (some chains with tens of thousands of locations). The results will be displayed in constrained lists in repeating groups and on maps.

Thanks in advance!

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Good question! Interesting here as well. Thanks!

location shouldn’t be in restaurants then but have a link to restaurants.

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Break this up into 2 datatypes. 1 is for the company and the other is for the restaurant. For example, there would be 1 company record for McDonalds storing the general company info. Then there’d be one record for each of the thousand McDonalds stores. The company record would have no field on it linking it to the restaurant. The restaurant record would have a field pointing back to the company which it belongs to. This also allows you store location specific data such as operating hours and whether or not a a particular McDonalds ice cream machine is working :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Makes perfect sense! Thank you!!