Restaurant with more than 10k locations?

If a list can’t have more than 10k records, what if you had an enterprise customer like McDonald’s with 20k locations? Or Starbucks, Subway, etc.? How would your enterprise user access a list of their own restaurants (Locations) in order to post an available Gig (shift) at all or a sub-section of Locations?


Hello @hibubble

Title (text)

Title (text)
Restaurant (restaurant)
Section (section)

Title (text)

Title (text)
Location (location)

Thanks, this is the structure I already have. So when it comes time for a Restaurant to post a Gig which is valid at some (or all) locations, Bubble will not have problem that the List of Locations created by Current User is greater than 10k?

Stand-alone entries can be in the millions.

You may be confusing a list field within an entry which tops at 10k entries

Yes still confused.

So a list of Current Users:Locations
does not equal
Do a Search for Locations:Created by:Current User.

And what you are saying is that a Repeating Group list of Current User’s:Locations will max out at 10k?

What I am saying is:

An object like “location” - the Bubble dB can handle records of this object in the millions

An object’s field that is a list of locations - the limit of this list of locations is 10k records … because it is a field of type list within an object and Bubble only allows up to 10k records within a field of type list

This thread covers some of this “indirect dB approach” to structuring your dB model:

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