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There are things in my database. Each thing is assigned an ID and one of the Categories created in the Option Set. The user can add the IDs of these things to his collection. On one of the pages, the user can view the things in his collection presented in the RG. There is also a Dropdown and the user can filter things so that only the things of the category selected in the dropdown are displayed in the RG.

At the moment, in the dropdown, the user sees all existing categories. For example, the user has in the collection: Thing 1 category A and Thing 2 category B. At the same time, Option Set also has categories C and D. Dropdown displays Category A, B, C, D. But I would like only A and B (that is, those categories of things that the user has in the collection). Is it possible to do so?

Hi there, @sixthtulip… you haven’t said how a user adds the things to their collection, but what you described is possible, and here is an example where the things are in a list on the User data type.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you. Does not work. Apparently I did something wrong at the database level.
Perhaps the fact is that the User Base and the Base of things are not related to each other.

It absolutely does work if the data types/fields are set up in a way that makes it, well, work.

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Ok, for now I’ll put it aside for a while. I’ll post here later if you don’t mind.

Here is an example of what I have.

The matter is that I cannot filter categories as it happens on your screenshot.

Your Items field on the User data type is a list of numbers… it needs to be a list of Items.

Thanks, fixed it. But still doesn’t work.

How do you expect it to work when the 1 user you have in your database doesn’t have any items in their Items field? Do you understand what the suggestion I proposed actually does? It’s okay if you don’t, but to just keep coming back and saying it doesn’t work is not the best way to go here.

Anyway, run as the test user now and you will only see Category A in their filter dropdown because I added item 1 to their items list. Oh, and I fixed your search constraints on the repeating group, too.


Yes, sorry. I missed it. Thanks a lot.

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I’m very sorry, but in the continuation of this topic, another question arose. Is it possible to make it so that all categories are displayed in the dropdown as before, but the categories of items that the user has in the collection are highlighted in a different color and are clickable?
I understand that here I need to create a condition, I tried and have not yet achieved the desired result.
(Unfortunately I have already deleted that sample application).

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