Option set assistance

I am creating an app to calculate the overtime payable based on a persons salary.

There are 10 salaries, each one is different based on the increments you get for tenure with the company.

I’ve created an option set for Salary 1 through 10, and each one has an attribute of type “number”, which displays the equivalent hourly rate.

I have a blank text box next to it. I want to be able to click the dropdown, and have the corresponding hourly rate populate in the next text box but I cannot figure this out.

The intention here is to then use code to work out hourly rate*payable rate (e.g. double pay/time and half)*hours worked… And then ultimately run a rough calculation to show tax paid and money earned but it relies on that salary figure being available.

I think they can just have the text element point to Dropdown's value's hourly rate

Yup, @andrew.allen754, do what Tyler said… my initial reply was just me being an idiot by really overcomplicating things, so I removed it.

There’s definitely something I’m not doing correctly. I can’t seem to get the dropdown to point to the text box and when I can I get errors in selecting this solution

@andrew.allen754, in the text element, can’t you reference the dropdown’s value and then select the hourly rate attribute? Share some screenshots of your setup.


I’ve input the code and it goes blue, but in preview the text box doesn’t generate.

If I set it to just value/value’s display - it works fine - it just won’t return the numerical results

Are you sure the option set is set up correctly? What is the conditional on the text element?

I think that was just a hangover from a previous attempt. I’ve not got a clue if I’m doing things right I’m afraid.


You clicked on the Modify attributes link for each option and entered the attribute, right? If so, it seems like it should be working, so maybe consider sharing a read-only link to your editor so we can poke around under the hood.


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