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I am building a community board and one of the things I am implementing is a lost and found. You can see in the images below what I am attempting. I have a data type (3rd image) using the Option Set (2nd image), they have the same name but -OS is at the end of the Option Set and all of its attributes.

What I am doing is using inputs (4th image) to create a Thing and I am trying to set the value of the attributes that are inside of the Thing. I can set the Options, but cannot find where to set the attributes.

So currently create “Lost and Found” trying to set attribute of “Lost Item Description” which is of type “Lost and Found-OS”. I was trying to do this without creating a new Thing for the Attributes. I know I can just make a new Thing Type instead of just using the Option Sets. Right now I am on a mission to find the way to do this >.<


If I understand correctly what you are asking you aren’t thinking about option sets correctly (I could be completely wrong because I had some trouble interpreting your question from what you wrote).

However, you can’t set attribute values from your app. You would need a custom Data Type. If it is the case you want to store the value of an attribute of an option set rather then the option itself you could add a text field that would store the attribute value (in the case that the attribute was of type text). However, this would be redundant if you were already storing the option on the same Data Type.

More info here:


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Thanks, that’s what I was trying to do. I was trying to avoid one more data type, but it’ll work out.

I just quickly added the 3 attributes into the Data Type I had already. Split them and just turned the Option Set into just the Options.

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