Urgent - tables with empty fields

Is anyone else experiencing this this morning some of the fields in a table entry are completely blank ( fields that link to another table mainly )

When you open a table entry some of the fields are completely blank that had data the day before!!


Hi @tsmakrakis

I sent a bug report two days ago. Can you tell me if your fields have some special characters in it like: _ or . or :orange_square: anything special?

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Hi! Not sure if this is related but…
I have noticed today in random moments of the day the Database default fields:

Are not working correctly. When creating a new record if the field is not completed it creates with empty value instead of the default one.

I’m scared because this seems to work and stop working randomly and many of workflows are using those yes/no conditional evaluations to work correctly.


If you’re seeing issues with the database, and haven’t done so already, please file a bug report so that we can investigate. Thanks in advance!

I have already done so but the problem is still there having blank entries and the whole factory is now stuck!

No Special characters

Just an update on this thread - this is an instance of an earlier report that the App Data page is not showing any “linked” Things when you click in to edit a Thing. This bug is being investigated by our engineering team.

However, please note that the data is actually there, just not showing up in the Edit modal. You can still pull up / reference that linked Thing in your app, and you can also see this data in the App Data page by creating a custom view of that data type (by clicking on the little pencil icon next to the label “All [data type]” - and creating a view with the linked Thing’s fields checked off).

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I filed a bug report and started a thread in relation to this a few days ago, so it seems like the problem is not isolated. Hopefully Bubble can see this is an issue affecting multiple users and rectify it.

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HI @eve,
The default value of field is not stored into each entry on create thing.

Example : Status is boolean and default is “Yes” then, each of create things of this field is getting empty.
Do we need to statically update the field?

Are you setting the field to empty/null? I’d expect that UNSET fields would get the default, but a SET field of type boolean (yes/no) — if set to empty — would get “no” (because null is falsey and should evaluate to “no”). Emptying a variable in Bubble is equivalent to setting to falsey.

To retain the default behavior, do not specify the yes/no. Again, leaving it specified but empty SHOULD make it no.

UNSET fields in the creatething will auto update to the default values I’m right.
This was not working correctly from yesterday onwards.

Fields that were previously occupied have now lost their data alltogether that affects functionality so cannot sort or make any proper searches as the fields are empty!!!

Come on Bubble can we please fix this???

Hi @eve, @emmanuel,
This issue was expressing from yesterday onwards. Kindly please fix this.

API Connector Plugin throwing timeout issue in dev version. I think this is repeated issue.

Thanks for everybody’s patience here. Just to make sure we’re all talking about the same bug…

@jamesbond - it sounds like this is the same bug. Could you confirm whether you can see the linked things when you create a custom view? If you can’t see the linked things’ fields even then, then this is might be a new bug.

@tsmakrakis - have you tried creating a custom view of your data type that shows the fields? With that, you should be able to sort and search in that custom view. Also note that all the data should be there in the database, so your app should still work. (If even a custom view is not working in your case, that might be a new bug)

@manikandan - we fixed a bug around default values last week, are you still experiencing the issue? I don’t see a recent (ie this week) bug report on this from your email, so if you’re still experiencing this, could you please file a new report? Also, the API Connector issue sounds separate; if that’s the case, could you please file a bug report with more details on that?

Just a reminder that we are working on the bug about linked things not showing up in the edit modal. The bug is just in the display of these values for the default data type views; the data is still stored correctly and can be seen in custom views in the App Data page. The questions above are just to make sure people aren’t experiencing a different bug!


It’s updated. Its just a minor bug

Thank you @allenyang for your response, I’ll give it a try, however, the data isn’t actually there because it doesn’t render when referenced in a repeating group.

Hi @jamesbond - I looked into the bug ticket you filed, and our Success team did reply with an investigation into it and a suggested adjustment to your workflows (the app is working according to how that workflow has been set up). It’s not a case of the bug being reported in this thread. Hope that helps!

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@allenyang What’s the eta on a fix?

The fix was just rolled out - please give it a try!