Option set. Disable few new options after selecting one

Hello guys,

One question. I have a restaurant reservation system that allows user to select reservation time. I have “Hours” option set with options from 11:00 till 22:00 (11:15, 11:30, 11:40…). How can I make few options disappear after selecting one? Take a look on a screenshot below.

You can use :minus item (or :minus list), or you can apply some filtering on the options.

Does it work for repeating group?

I’m not sure what you mean (why would it be any different in a RG)?

Could you explain in more detail how to do that ? Would really appreciate

I can’t explain in very much detail… as I really don’t know what you’re trying to do.

But you can use any of the methods I mentioned previously to do what your original question asked.

Maybe if you give some more context of what you’re actually tryinf to do I can give a more specific answer.

I have a Data type called “reservation” that has attribute “reservationHour” using option set “Hours” as data type.

The idea is that after pressing one of the time options, reservation object is being created, but it is not logical that it is possible to reserve the same table 15 minutes later, so I need to remove next 5-6 options after the selected one.

so I need to remove next 5-6 options after the selected one.

remove from where?

After pressing the first green button in the RG, the next 5 green buttons need to turn red (users will see that this table is reserved at that time).

So not removed, but hidden from the view and changed by red button

In that case just put a condition on the button to change it to red and make it unclickable, if the current cell’s hour is less than 2 hours (for example) more than any Reservation’s reservationHour.

You’ll need to add a Number attribute to your Option Set for it to work.

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Will try, thanks