Lists in options sets and performance

If I have categories, subcategories and modalities in option sets.
In categories I have a list of 200 subcategories, and in subcategories I have another list with 200 modes.
I’m displaying this data in repeating groups on the page (repeating group categories, repeating group subcategories, and repeating group modalities).
Question 1:
This way of building using large lists in options sets can harm the application’s performance when being used by many users at the same time?
Question 2:
Is it better to keep this way using option sets or build tables in the database?
Thank you very much

@mayara.sacboticario Option sets are the fastest alternative as of performance they are static lists. Bubble says “Option Sets allow you to have a static list of choices, “Options”, which are global to your app. This is great for situations where you know ahead of time what options are possible for a variable”.

So, if you already know what they are going to be, it’s your best option. Tables are better if you’ll need real time updating.


Thank you

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