Option Sets and Ionic Checkboxes, how do they work together? Screenshot provided

In the below image, I am displaying my option set in a repeating group containing an ionic checkbox. However, I would like my User to only be able to select 1 of the 6 Ionic checkboxes. How do I do this?


At the moment I’m getting the data itself by having 6 workflows with the 1st wf being for example ’ when checkbox value is changed and current index is 1’ but having 6 workflows and still not able to control checkbox selection seems like not the way to do this…

Is it better to just ditch ionic and just have 12 round shapes which are fake selected and deselected checkboxes?

Duh, forgot that these are checkboxes, not radio buttons.

Plus I forgot that the ionic elements plugin is not a usable plugin as icons take a second to change from square to round display. They also break inside a 2 column repeating group as it causes text wrapping.

For anyone reading this in the future, I ditched the RG and just used a group containing individual options from the option set and used the standard method of 2 normal icons showing and hiding onclick for each option, a round circle for setting the state and the other a round tick icon setting state to empty.

I think that this was solved but you can restrict the checkboxes to 1 selection using a bit of custom states. If you use a RG, the workflows can be kept simple.

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