How do ionic checkboxes work?

Having trouble getting the ionic checkboxes to respond to conditions. I just want to be able to have only 1 out of 3 checkboxes to be selected at a time (not disabled, just 1 checked at a time). I can do this with regular checkboxes…

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Can you share a link, ideally on the forum_app?

Yes, here you go:

So you can’t modify a checkbox’s value with a workflow, but you can use a reset group action that would reset the inputs inside.

But in your case, why not using Radio Buttons? It sounds like it’s exactly what you want, and is already there :slightly_smiling:

See what I did.

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And all this time I was trying to re-create what already existed. I didn’t even think about it. Thank you @emmanuel. At least now I know I wasn’t missing a glaring workflow step with the checkboxes. Thanks!!


Is this still the case? We still can’t edit ionic checkboxes?

EDIT: Just spent an hour fiddling with it every way I can think of. Still not an option. Drat, that’s a lot of recoding to do with so much dependent on those :frowning: