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hello, I want to customize my dropdown options below

Screenshot 2023-03-30 1.15.46 PM
what I want to do is i want to make a condition where depending what option I choose from the first drop-down affects the option sets available on the second drop-down .

Hey @novotelsystems :wave:

Good question. Let me see. Maybe you can do this:

Maybe add a parent category to the sub category in your option set. Then you can filter the subcategory list by its parent category from the dropdown above.

Does that make sense? Let me know. :blush:

Here is an example:

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yes i just checked your example and it falls in line with what i want to do but the thing is with my subcategories list has been created using different options set so each categories has its own subcategories set

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So what does your option set look like? :thinking:

this is the category option set

and this is the subcategories subset. i did it this way to create a filter feature on the market place where you can filter each category products by their corresponding subcategory.

That looks good. :raised_hands:

Were you able to set up the dropdown with a filter to get it to work now? If not, what part are you stuck on?

Let me know. :blush:

i was able to make the filter feature work but what im stuck on is the add product feature the first picture i posted was what im having issues with the drop down containing the sub categories must change based on the categories selected thats where im stuck.

What’s your data source on the second dropdown? Maybe upload a screenshot so I can see what the issue is. Hope we can figure this out together. :raised_hands:

so the option sets circled in yellow are the data source for the second dropdown . The one circled in red is the option set for the first.

Now like the module you created i want to do the same where if i select a category from the first it should change the second dropdown options based on the type of category selected.

for example in the category option-set one option is cosmetics its corresponding subcategory data set is the cosmetics sub option-set so i want to set it up in a way that when i select the cosmetics category in option one it should display its option set cosmetics sub in the second drop-down.

if you need further clarifications please let me know.

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