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Greetings team, I am having problems when displaying an item or a list of items according to a selected value. I have a Data Type (Category) where I have the category data, and another Data Type (Stuff) with a list of these categories, I am trying to show all the items within stuff that contains a specific category, however much I try to create the filter does not show what I need.

Hi there, @onil… without more information about your setup (screenshots would be great), it’s hard to help here. That being said, here is an example where the Stuff data type has a categories field that is a list of categories. Then, there is a dropdown on the page where the user can select a category, and here is the data source of a repeating group that shows items in the Stuff data type where their categories field contains the selected category.

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Hello, thank you for your quick help, I attach images of my problem, I save correctly the product category, my problem is when I want to show the products by category, I hope the images help you understand my problem and your suggestions will help me, thanks again.

In the Stuff categories field the category type is already saved, but my problem is to show a list of those categories as shown in the last image

When one of your tabs/buttons is clicked, set a custom state’s value to the associated category, and then use the custom state’s value in place of the dropdown’s value in my screenshot.

It is not possible, because the DropDrown, is not in the page that i am showing, to show the products by categories I am using a Tab Element, i can create a state that is equal to the one that i need is shown, but in the RG as it would show the information, excuse my lack of knowledge but I have been working with bubble for a short time but I think I am advancing a lot.

On this page i assign the category to the product.

And here when you click on each button, according to the category in a RG i show the products that have that category. i understand what you are telling me about creating a state variable but how do I use it in the RG?

If you are setting a custom state to the selected category, then in your screenshot after the contains operator, select the page/element with which the custom state is associated and then select the custom state.

Hi, I want to thank you for your help, I got the workflow to return what I needed, your advice was very helpful.
I share the images of how the flow was left.

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 11-30-29 Bubble Editor - Softwaretrailers

thanks again

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