Option sets to another page

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I have been running into some issues with an option set I created which I assume is data issue and was hoping someone out there has the solution.

I am creating a very easy to use directory app where users can post their services for a time period. I created an “categories” option set and listed the categories under that option set. The names of the different categories display on the repeating group and on the primary roles option but when the category is clicked and navigated to the category page, the page is blank. When a category is clicked the used should be directed to a page that will list all the providers in that category. This seems like a data issue but I’ve tried all options, is there anything I might be missing here?


How are you intending to do this?

Thats what I’m currently trying to figure out, any ideas?

What I meant was… this should be very simple… but without knowing what you’re currently doing, it’s impossible to say what you’re doing wrong…

So what are you currently doing?

Hey if you need help setting this up DM me.

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So basically what I’m trying to do is use one category page to list whichever service the user chooses instead of directing the user to a new page for each type of service. For example if user clicks on Medical it should navigate to categories page but only list Medical services. At the moment its pulling all data across all categories. Ill be 100% honest here, this is the first time I’m using option sets instead of building those categories straight into the data base.