Option to lock an element's coordinates according to another element

I wish there was an option to define an element’s coordinates according to another element, rather than the overall page. For instance, I have a button over a photo, but the sizes of my photos change slightly so sometimes the button is not over the photos anymore, and it looks off. There needs to be an option to make sure the button’s coordinates are defined by that element (so if I want the button to be at the bottom right corner of the photo, it will stay there relative to the photo), rather than the overall page that both elements are on.

I have an element that does the job of tracking an elements X,Y & the Mouses X,Y. PM me if your interested in a license.

so do you mean it tracks it or do you mean it adjusts its own coordinates according to the change in the other element’s coordinates…?

so Mousey will track live the mouse’s X,Y & up to 4 elements X,Y by ID, Then you could use MoveIt! to either send to X,Y ormove by % or px in 8 directions. between the two you could very well make your own responsive engine, or even user designed profile pages.

Here is Mousey giving me the coords to save, & MoveIt! Moving the Elements.


You can have a play with MoveIt here: https://plugbubble.bubbleapps.io/moveit-moveit

Hi @jarrad, I’m trying to do a similar thing to this: https://www.ifloorplan.com/

Basically the user has the ability to place up to say 20 icons anywhere on the plan, and then associate each icon with an image and other data, such that any time the user comes back to the map and hovers over the icon he/she has placed, the associated image and data will show.

Do you think a combination of these plugins could meet my use case?

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I think you could easily pull something like that off with these tools. The idea behind this project was to enable users to create platform type experiences for their users, allowing them to create their own dashboards and so on. here, check this out. https://mousey-mousey.bubbleapps.io/

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Awesome. The only thing that worries me a bit is the 4 element limit. Or does this mean 4 types of elements with an unlimited number of any of individual elements of those types on the page?

each mousey element you drop on the page allows you to tack 4 elements of any type. You can put 10 mousey elements on the page (they are invisible) and track 40 elements if you wanted to. If that doesn’t suit We could always negotiate a custom version for your app/apps that allows for them all in one mousey element.

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That’s great that should work fine. Thanks for your help.

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