New Plugin Mousey-Mousey - a small look using MoveIt!


Imagine logging mouse movements in your app, would it show more than analytic graphs? or giving users the power to move there profile’s elements inside your app. Maybe you want to know when 2 elements are colliding or not? Mousey-Mousey knows such things and live outputs the data as a state to be saved, used, or modified… What about logging an elements X, Y and with each passing second use MoveIT! to move a line of elements to the ‘rightdown’ direction… diagonal marquee’s?.. or a small circle that you map the X, Y’s to make it perform an O shape…you just made a loading bar… endless uses cases for two simple plugins…

Live: HERE
Edit: HERE

by the way, it references the database, so if more than one are having a play you may notice some shenanigans this is normal as there is no “current user”…