Option to Turn OFF Geocoding

I am updating user locations which is stored in a Geographic Address field. Bubble automatically tries to reverse geo code the Lat/Lng during the update which is making this process very expensive. Google Geocoding charges $5 per 1,000 requests, while I am currently at 10 Million requests /Month

@neerja @emmanuel any way to disable this? I don’t want to move the user location to a separate lat/lng field in the DB because it will require to many updates even in the user’s native app

You can build a simple plugin to retrieve the bubble geo object and extract the address and other components you need to text.

Or do anything else

@AliFarahat retrieving the data isn’t the problem. Our native app is updating user locations via Patch request to bubble and it’s pushing the Lng/Lat of the user, every time it’s updated (every 10 seconds/ per user) Bubble is using my Google API to Geocode that data every time it updates. Which is causing a surge in my Google api usage.

I dont think you can avoid the Google request, store the data as there fields in the DB instead as address, later, long

If your updating bubble fields then the request will happen. My suggestion is to split the fields then