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Taking a Picture and locate


For our app, we’d like to take a picture with the smartphone,
and return the picture + GPS coordinate to a database.

What can we use in bubble components ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


grab the plugin google geo coding. you will be able to save the gps cords and formatted addresses if you wish. the api key if free just follow the website from the plugin screen. bubble does have current users geographic position built in right at the bottom of the list you scroll down when saving most things… (same list as dosearchfor and currentuser) but geo coding is the right gps format for most other inputs.

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Thanks Jarrad
and for the picture, any tips ?

Use the picture uploader element. It works with the phones and brings up the normal upload/take picture prompt.

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Thank you jarrad !

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anytime :slight_smile:

I have problem to configure the geocoding.
I’m creating a new location, add fields for information, but for the field to capture the GPS location, i don’t how to configure.

Any help there ?

tahnk you very much :slight_smile:

can you share your editor link i will sort it out for you.