Problem Sorting Repeating Group By Option Sets vs Hard Coded Numbers

I am trying to sort a repeating group with a search.

I have two fields in the “Thing”, called [Benchmarks].

One is $Order and the other is ::Order::

[Bracket] = a Thing
$field = Input or hard value field
::Option:: = Option set…

…basically a notation system for me to visually see in the editor what type of Thing or Entry I am dealing with.

So $Order, I have manually put 1 through 5 in the backend database, while ::Order:: I have created an Option Set with 1-10 as Display, and 1-10 as Attributes As a Number.

I want to order a repeating group using the Option Set… (Why? seems easier to not screw it up later… but I could be wrong about that).

However, ::Order:: is not showing up in the “Sort By” dropdown.

Only $Order

Any reason why?


Hey folks!

Bumping this topic to check if someone was able to find a solution.

To sum up: I want to order a Repeating Group based on a Option Set column. For example, Options are: “Paid”, “Waiting” and “Cancelled” and I want the repeating group to show entries orderd by: “Paid”, then “Waiting”, then “Cancelled”.

The only solution that I figured out so far is creating another column that will receive a number and will be Sorted by at “Do Search for” command, but it doesn’t seem elegant (since this column will be duplicated with Option Set column).

Thanks in advance!