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Orchestra Plugin 101 help

Call me crazy, but I don’t know where to begin trying to use the Orchestra plugin.

Anyone know where I can go to see how you even use its most basic function, getting info within the repeating group outside of the repeating group. When I look at the original post it seems to dive in way over my head. I don’t get it.

The videos online are not in English. Am I crazy for expecting there to be a simple example showing how you put X into the repeating group and Y outside the repeating group and then can get ABC information from within the repeating group to your Y element outside the repeating group?

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Hey Bryan - you may have figured this out but here’s a simple example:

1 - have a maestro on your page and a musician inside the repeating group

2 - musician is revealed (when it is visible), this action can be found in the elements tab - initialise the musician and set it’s class

3 - set the workflow of what the musician will do inside each row of the repeating group (cell). In this case I’m taking the input’s value and adding it to a list of texts. Normally this input wouldn’t be able to be referenced as it is inside of a repeating group. This could be another form of input or information that you need.

4 - trigger the musicians through a button or another mechanism

Voila - you can now reference this information.


THANK YOU!!! So much.

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