Order display problem


I’ve been trying to do a display where list of orders will show but when its popped up, the orders that have been ordered are all in one line. Like if the customer has 2-3 orders instead of it being in the Repeating group it’ll be beside eachother.

I can send a Screenshot if anyone can help me.


Sounds like you’re using the wrong expression in elements inside the RG cell, but post some screenshots so I can see how you’ve got things set up.

Yep, there you go the ScreenshotsScreenshot_20210304-012723-1

Which part is displaying incorrectly (or not how you want it to)? I can’t see from the pictures what the problem is.

So when i click the checkmark, the group shows and then the product name is fine and the problem is the quantity and Price which both orders show next to each other instead each being in their line.

Ex :

Product name : Name quantity : 1,1 Price : $15,15 date of order : order

This is how it shows.

Right I see…

That’s because you’re search is returning a list (of quantities and prices) relating to the current cell’s product, so those lists will display in the same text box, separated by a comma.

Currently your repeating group is set to display ‘products’, but it seems as though what you’re really trying to do is to display ‘orders’. That way you can have 1 order per line.

So try changing the content-type to ‘orders’, and set your data source to find whichever orders it is you want to display.

If your database for orders has fields for products (which I assume it does) it should be easy to display the data you want. If it doesn’t then you might need to look at restructuring your current database setup in order to be able to access the required data in your RG.

So change the repeating group to ‘Orders’ or ‘ordered products’? Becuz there is two Fields and the third is ‘products’.
And in the User field there is ‘ordered products’ which is the customers ordered products.

That’s what I’m trying to do, so when each order is set. I can review them in that page.

I’ll give it a try and get back if i have any problems with it.

And should it be First item or last item?
Ex : do a search for ‘Ordered products’ :first item: or :last item:?

@adamhholmes so i have changed the repeating group to ‘ordered products’ but still the Quantity and price are showing the same.

Product name : // quantity : 1,1 // price : $15,15 // placed on : //

And that’s two orders only and if i add 3 orders, it’ll be 3 of the quantity and price.
Ex : quantity : 1,1,1 // price : $15,15,15 (or any Ordered product quantity/total price)

Without knowing you database structure I can’t give any specific guidance - but you probably need to look at your database setup.

Ultimately, your repeating group will display whatever datatype you tell it to - so if you set it to display products that’s what it will display, with any other lists you search for within the cell being displayed in a single line.

If you’re trying to display two different datatypes in the same cell, it is possible - but you’ll need to do a separate search within the cell, making sure you return exactly the same number of items, sorted in exactly the same order as your repeating group datasource, and then display one item from that list that corresponds to the current cell’s index.

I’ve answered a couple of very similar questions over the past few days in the forum, so have a look through previous threads for more detailed answers.

But often the simplest solution is to re-think your database structure, or add a new datatype that will display exactly the data you want, then set the content type and data source of your RG to that new datatype.

If you want to post some screenshots of your current database structure, and RG set up (or even share a link to your editor) then perhaps I can give some more specific guidance.

I can send you a copy of my database for u to check it or just link the editor and give u the Permissions to edit.

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@adamhholmes here is the link, just give me a thumbs up once u see this so I’ll set the Permission so others don’t edit it. Or you can send me a DM. Visual-studios | Bubble Editor

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@adamhholmes hello, can you send me your email so I’ll send the Application to you.
I made a copy of it so you can see the problem

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