How to fix this double order line?

i have done it before but it seems not to work on this page. so how can i make it so itll display orders separetly?

Hey @mrpsgamer8 ,
I’m not following what the issue is. The order is displaying twice? Or there is a UI problem?


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I agree with @bubblealex, I’m not understanding the issue.

Are you trying to display all the orders of a user? Or are you trying to display all the items in an order of a user? Or what are you trying to accomplish?

trying to display the orders of the user.
when i search the users name, i want their orders to get displayed.

but now the orders are getting displayed, so now u can see that i searched a name and both of their orders are beside eachother.

but i want the order to have their own line.

for example i ordered an apple and orange :
| product : apple. quantity : 2. price : 10. |
| product : orange. quantity : 3. price : 15 |

like that…

Hi @mrpsgamer8,

Sounds like you might need a nested repeating group, so within your current repeating group’s cell add another repeating group that displays the items of the order


want it to look like this. i tried copying the same workflows and data source but didnt work.

this is a perspective of the user, from the account page. users can view their orders. but now i wanna do the same for my Admin page so admins can view the orders of an user.

anyone got a idea?

I’m still not really understanding what you are trying to accomplish. My Orders is of all orders a user has placed?

I imagine you have an β€œOrder” data type, and everytime an Order is placed, it’s attached to a field of the user.

In that case, all you will need to do in your repeating group is type β€œOrder” data source, Current User’s Orders

tried it and it didnt work. it gives me an error for price and quantity.

its right now - search for orders:each item’s ordered product’s name.