Organizational and User Management

Hi Everyone,

I am currently building my MVP for a SaaS app. In the process of doing this, privacy and user and account management is a must. I have already created a login page, password reset request page, and the built in password rest page.

I am now looking to build two pages that only I can view:

  1. Page to create new companies when they purchase my software. I have created the page and the workflow to add a new company successfully but unsure how to access this page when I go live without everyone else having access to it as well.
  2. Page to create users and add them to an account(company). I have created the page with the inputs for Name, Email and a multiselect dropdown for companies. I have found that the multiselect is only showing 1 of the 3 companies I have created? Is this because of my privacy role that only allows a user to view the details created for its specific company?


Hi there, @doryl… one way to do what you are describing is to introduce the concept of user roles by having an option set that defines the roles and a role field on the User data type that is linked to the option set.

With the option set and field in place, you could set yourself to a role such as admin, and you can use that role to do both of the things you mentioned. For the first one, you could show the navigation to the page only when the user’s role is admin, and you could have a page load workflow on the page that redirects the user when their role is not admin. For the second one, you could add to your privacy rule(s) that a user who is an admin can find all companies in searches.

Hope this helps.


Perfect, thank you so much @mikeloc I will play around and see if I can get something working.

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