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Organizing pages and reusable elements

Can there be an organization of the pages and reusable elements.
As I create more pages and reusable elements I constantly have to switch between elements and it becomes more hard to work longer.

Instead of clicking the dropdown at the top left corner, it would be nice if there was a shortcut (like Ctrl+S) that opens the popup in the middle and elements are grouped.


Yes, it’s a bit on a UX pain point we have right now, when apps have many pages. We’ll work on another problem first though, which is when a page has too many elements. One thing at a time.


Sorry @emmanuel :blush:

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How do we know if a page has to many elements?

All that happens - is you end up spending lots of time going through finding elements.
The actual functionality can handle it, it’s just the intuitiveness in the editor which suffers.

One of my apps has around 100 elements on one page. could you imagine trying to solve problems, when there are that many elements to go through? It takes a lot of patience and a lot of hand-fatigue from all the mouse movements. It also takes a lot of remembering what element does what, and what elements relate to other elements.

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