Single Page Apps and Overwhelming Hidden Elements

Is there a way you can organize hidden elements so they are not all on one long list. I am building what is essentially a one page app with tons of things on the page that are hidden, and adding more each day. So what I have is a very very long list of hidden elements that show up on the side. It becomes increasingly frustrating to find what I am looking for. Is it possible to organize hidden elements in a folder like system, making it more easy to organize and work with the page?


That’s on our list of UX improvements for the next few weeks (as we did for the workflows). A few things to finish before than but should be there before the summer.

What would you do with that list? Search for elements and select them? Do you use te element picker at the top of the screen?

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Good Morning Emmanuel,

So let’s say I have a bunch of hidden elements that pertain to one subject. For example I have a specific individual format for 100 different hidden objects for one page. I would like to organize those formats into groups or folders. So for example I have hidden element A, B, C, D, E which are all related to A1

I want to click A1 and then see the A,B,C,D,E hidden groups.

What this does is ensure the side bar never gets to be overwhelmingly long. imagine if you had a hundred hidden groups how long it would take to scroll down to visual elements and that other stuff. You could collapse it, but I think it would still be very useful to be able to organize and hide sets of hidden elements.


So that’s a little bit like the hidden element box (which has indentation), but for all elements?

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Correct. That is exactly what I am looking for.

Box 1

Box 2
…the letters are meant to be the hidden indented version.

And Box 1 and Box 2 are groups?

Yeah box one and two would represent collections of hidden elements such as hidden text, hidden popups, etc.

You could probably have something where you can create collections of hidden elements and then start assigning elements to those collections. That way all you see is box 1, box 2, box 3, etc. which might actually have dozens of elements within them. Really cleans up the workspace.

If you were to click a collection it would then show all the elements within that collection in an indented fashion.

Where is this ‘hidden elements box’?
I was trying to use the tab element, but it is soo messy and whenever I use the element picker (dropdown on the top of the page) it selects, but doesn’t actually focus on that element. So those still stay hidden behind other elements and I can’t see anything.

Your content for tab 1.
Just drag elements inside this groups, and use the Hidden elements box on the right to show/hide other tabs.
You can rename the buttons double-clicking on them, and add remove some tabs copying the existing elements.

Any help please? Because right now it is way to tedious to keep building anything.


@Bradluffy or @emmanuel, please? :slight_smile:

Ok so for this one what they mean is that you can set groups to be visible based on some conditions or workflow. The way you do this is set up the group along with whatever is in it. Then uncheck the Visible on page load box in the element manager.

From here you can set conditions or workflow that would reveal or show that group.

For example when condition A is met then Group B is revealed. Does this make sense?

Yes, makes absolutely sense.
But I mean when editing. It all gets shown. So when I pick “tab 2” with the element picker for example (which is hidden on page load), then it gets selected, but if the “Tab1” is bigger, then “Tab 2” will still be hidden behind it. It drives me crazy. I can’t edit anything properly.
I’ll try to get a good screenshot/video of it.

No need for a screenshot. Just go to the elements tree on the left side and click the eye next to the element you want to show or hide.

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You are my hero! Thank you so much! :trophy:
Sometimes it’s the tiny very obvious tips.
(It was always closed by default and I never needed it before.)

No worries. You are right. It is the little tips that are most helpful on this forum. We all start this Bubble journey with the basics.Good luck with your App!!

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any way to group containers into folders to make element tree more manageable?

Bump, Any update on this? Would love to be able to have a popup folder, Page folder, etc