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Other user's profile page info isn't visible

On the home page, it shows all the posts created, but it only shows the Current cell’s post’s name and photo of the logged-in user. And when I click the profile photo of the other user who posted it sends me to his profile but it doesn’t show his profile info ( Name, Photo).
Btw I set the profile page type to User and I set data to send on the home page to the Current cell’s post’s Creator.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Home page:

Profile page:

How the profile page should look:

Hi there, @TA28… it is likely a privacy rule on the User data type (the rule is This User is Current User) that is stopping the data from being shown. You can delete that rule to see if that is causing the issue, and you can (and should) circle back to privacy rules later and set some up that meet the needs of your app.

Hope this helps.



Check your privacy settings!

It’s always the first pain in the ass when this type of thing happens that I check on


that was wassup, thanks y’all I solved it, I deleted that privacy rule you was talking about

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