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Hi. I’m new to Bubble and trying to learn. I’m trying to do something like a social network, for learning purposes. And now I’m stuck with some weird bug in my app. I’m getting irritated already, cause I’ve searched in forum for similar questions but i’1m still stuck and can’r see where’s my mistake.

Here’s the thing: I have a feed page with posts from the users. And a profile page with users infornations.

When current user opens profile page it’s all fine. But when that user clicks on another user’s picture, and gets redirected to that user’s profile (wich is the same page than the current users profile), than the informations aren’t there, except for user’s name and avatar. The other one’s just doesn’t show up.

I’ve already checked and the fields are calling Current Page User and not Current User.

What’s bugging me is that name and avatar are there, but not the other fields. How can it be?

Can someone please help me? Thanks.

Here’s a few prints

Have you checked the privacy settings for you User datatype? you might have settings there that only allow certain fields to be viewed by the public.

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Yes. That’s it. You’re right .Thank you so much!

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