Our Covid app Pop To The Shop came 16th on Product Hunt!

Any love you can give would be awesome, otherwise, we are going to get fewer votes than something that turns cat pictures upside-down or something :slight_smile:

p.s. UK only at the moment :slight_smile:


Nice initiative! Upvoted :slight_smile:

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This is cool. I’ll try to share it in my local area.

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Well, we got 109 votes which was amazing thank you. Although an app for putting faces on cats got 3 times more, which I think tells us all we need to know about the target audience for PH :slight_smile:

But far more importantly over 200 people have registered, of which around 140 are β€œshoppers” (i.e. volunteers willing to deliver). More than 100 shoppers are based in London. Our target for London shopper coverage is 200, so this is a great start in one city.

Huge thanks to everyone involved who gave their time for free :heart_eyes:

@simon, @ZubairLK, @vladlarin, @sudsy, Ollie Brown, Alan Thomas, Ion@zeroqode, Zak Kempson

And of course, @george111 who drove this from the start.

Plus Bubble for their Covid free plan.


Amazing @NigelG :clap:

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