Outsourcing Bubble developers

Hello everyone,

We at Boglex.de just introduced a new service: Staffing outsourcing

We offer bubble developers on demand to agencies looking for high-skilled people. Our prices for part-time or full-time basis:

18€/hour - Junior Bubble developer (1 year experience)
22€/hour - Intermediate Bubble developer (2-3 years experience)
30€/hour - Senior/Expert Bubble developer (more than 3 years experience)

Part-time: 4 hours/day - 5 days/week
Full-time: 8 hours/day - 5 days/week

Check this page: https://www.boglex.de/staffing

For more details
Email: contact@boglex.de
Phone/Whatsapp: +40751982982


What do you charge your clients for the Senior/Expert?


Hello i am bubble.io developer i can create complex design also make them responsive and also handle api integrations i will love to work with you i have 9 months of experience in bubble.io worked on 5 project

Mentioned prices are for clients.

I think everyone undertood it wrong.

We’re not looking to hire!!!

We have our own staff and we want to outsource our staff to agencies interested in getting our high skilled staff on short term or long term.

So, this is only for agencies who want developers. We’re not hiring!!

Please check this for more details: https://www.boglex.de/staffing