Overflow on group

Wondering if anybody has a good method to allow for a group to get a scrollbar for overflow of content.

I have a group that I want to add details of a retailer. These details are each in their own respective group ( operating hours, images, reviews ). I want the main group to have a fixed height of about 550px, however, all of the details I want to add exceed the 550px height. What I am hoping to accomplish is getting a scroll bar added to the main group.

The issue I have is that I am able to use javascript to add the scrollbar but it doesn’t always get triggered properly and I would just like to make sure I have the app functioning as intended every time.

Is there a way to create a group, add all the other groups inside of it that will exceed the main groups height and have a scroll bar natively in bubbble?

Hi @boston85719

I will use a RG with 1x1 with height of 550px with the vertical. It sound to simple to be that, right? update: I’m taking a coffee and thinking again.

Would the R.G. allow you to add other groups below the 550px height without stretching to fit the elements?

Currently what I had to do was create the group where I want it to be on page with an arbitrary height. From there I created the main group with all elements added, which causes the main group to stretch beyond 550px height. Once I had everything aligned and designed properly I moved all the sub groups to the first group created where I want it to be on page.

What that allowed me was to have a main group that is positioned correctly on page and fit all other groups…the caveat here is that the main group in the editor doesn’t show all the groups inside of it as the height is stretched beyond it’s original setting.

Then I am using the Javascript.

Seems way to complicated and definitely prone to errors but I can’t think of any other way.