Repeating Group is not scrollable if it is longer than the screen height


It seems that a repeating group is not scrollable when the height of the screen is less than the repeating group. Here is the screen captured to explain what I mean.

Is there a way to scroll the repeating group that is set longer than the viewport? I tried to auto adjust the height of the RG by using the CSS tools, but I couldn’t. It did work for a Group or other elements like image.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rio, see this: How to make scrollable group when group height is longer than page height?

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Thank you for the quick response, Gaby.

Yes, I am aware of the link you mentioned above. In my case I needed to have the UI something like this.

But my UI made with Bubble is this.

As you can see, the two repeating groups that I set are scrollable, but the page itself scrolls too. I don’t want the page scrolled because the RGs are hidden above the page. This is the reason I wanted detect screen height with CSS tools so that I thought I could adjust the height of the RG. But I failed to do so.

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