Overlapping events with multiple choices

Hi everybody,

I’m having an issue with overlapping events (in my case people) in my calendar app.

I’m building an App to keep track of where the people I work with should go and when.
The idea behind it is that no one should be involved at the same time in two different activities and multiple people could be chosen to take part in one.

That’s why I installed the plugin named “Multiselect Dropdown”, the standard dropdown (unless I’m missing something) does not give me the chance to select multiple things.

I followed some threads here in the forums (thanks btw, they were great) and I came to the conclusion of using constraints in order to block the button “create event” whenever the date range between the start date and the end date, as well as the person, overlapped with an existing element in my db/calendar.

The explanations provided with the topics were spot and as you can see in the screenshot below, this formula works like a charm

If I try to overlap a date and a person (in my app they are called talent) the button “create event” becomes unclickable and an error massage pops up stating that there is an overlapping problem:

Unfortunately my constraints stop working whenever I select more than one person:

I tried every other constraint possible but nothing worked, I tried with “is in”, “contains”, “contains keywords” but nothing prevents the overlapping when i select multiple people.

Am I missing something? How can I solve this?

Scheduling resources is a big pain in the ass.

I have created a calendar/scheduling suite plugin that would solve this issue!

You would set up the Calendar resource list to be the list of people or employees you’re working with

You would select to disable overlapping events

I would use the timeslot generator to create time slots for people to book themselves in

You could assign each task type a color and assign task type to event as an identifier and then color code your tasks

If you’re looking for a simple way to manage your resources in a calendar for scheduling purposes I would be happy to give you a two week free trial with the plug-in and help you get it all set up.

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