Override default Dropzone setup?

I would really really like to limit the file type on the dropzone multifile uploader.

Here is what I see for the default configuration:

I want to overide “acceptedFiles:null” so that it functions as:
acceptedFiles: image/*

Can someone please help me to figure out how to do this in my bubble editor? @allenyang

I feel like it can be done fairly easily?.. (I don’t know for sure).
I don’t want to have to subscribe to a completely different plugin and/our construct some elaborate hack.

But I also don’t want videos or application files to be uploaded. With the current arrangement, uploads such as mp4 youtube videos or .js files can easily be uploaded and displayed/downloaded (which is not good).


Would really like an answer to this question, too.

Never used it, but according to Stackoverflow dropzone.js - DropZone acceptedFiles type filter - Stack Overflow

The syntax is like this for images:

acceptedFiles: "image/jpeg,image/png,image/gif"

And according to the docs Configuration Options - Dropzone you can also do it in these ways:

‘The default implementation of accept checks the file’s mime type or extension against this list. This is a comma separated list of mime types or file extensions. Eg.: image/*,application/pdf,.psd

The issue is that when using Bubble’s Dropzone plugin, the configuration is not accessible to change. I tried to add my own javascript config for it with no luck.